Located on the ground floor this is Bradford's infamous Little Fat Black Pussy Cat Nightclub from the 60's. We offer a range of wines, beers, coffee/tea and soft drinks. With so many pubs to choose from in Bradford as well as in the complex, we’ve focused on creating a timeless atmosphere rather than a trendy bar. It's like living in the present with a hole host of  memorabilia dotted around the ground floor so that you will need to visit multiple times to get a sense of it all. We have a diverse selection of Draught Beers available as well as two Guest Beers



The Gin Bar specialises in all things related to great spirits and of course Gins. Our cosy, warm and relaxed bar is located on the second floor from the main staircase, shadowed by the Sunbridge Road Entrance (Opposite Tesco Express)



Looking for sports pubs in Bradford to watch the game in? Perfect for anyone wanting to catch the Bantams or the Bulls and all other major sporting events. We know there's nothing worse than rocking up to the pub to find out that another game is showing or that pet hate, the game's on but with no commentary! All of these gripes can be avoided with Sunbridge Sports as we serve you all the vital info.




Set within the newly developed Sunbridgewells - Alibi Bradford is Bradford's 1st style bar that offers a unique blend of drinks and cocktails different to anything else in the city. Tucked away in a unique setting set in an underground bar but in the heart of the city centre, you can still see many of the original features from the 1700's. During the day Alibi is cosy, relaxed, comfortable, laid back and chilled. Socialise and enjoy relaxed drinks in the day from extensive cocktails both classic and signature. 


Sunbridge Lounge is bringing a brand new vibe to the City of Bradford. Boasting a huge range of Craft beers from all over the world supplemented by tasty locally sourced dishes. Sunbridge Lounge is the first venue to be opened by Craft Cafe's, a new company created to supply locals with a taste of the world without having to leave their doorsteps! Sunbridge Lounge is set in the upper levels of the SunbridgeWells complex, an exciting and unique venture making use of the old Victorian Tunnels. Along with retail units and other bars we aim to bring history to life in this innovative underground complex. weekend bookings are essential!

Food service times are:

Wednesday 12-3 / 5-9
Thursday 12-3 / 5-9
Friday 12-3 / 5-9
Saturday 12-9pm



Set within Sunbridgewells. The Rose & Crown is a fantastic pub and one of the most popular places to visit. Decorated with rich textures of brick and stone the Inn is warmly elegant and with cosy nooks, spread over three floors. A hidden gem and a must see.