3 reasons to head to Sunbridgewells this weekend

Why head to Sunbridgewells this weekend?

News just in; we need to be visiting Sunbridgewells more! Or, any pub, in fact, as reported by researchers at Oxford University. According to a recent study, this clever team have shown that frequenting the local pub has a direct effect on our creativity, our health and most importantly, our happiness. How often we go also says a lot about our social circle size and our satisfaction as a whole with our busy, modern lifestyles.

From boosting creativity to guaranteeing an all-round happier you, here are 3 great reasons to head to Sunbridgewells this weekend!

#1 It’ll make you smarter and more creative!

Research suggests that the odd alcoholic beverage boosts blood flow to the brain and improves mental function. This is great, of course, for winning the pub quiz. The tunnels are also an encyclopedia of Bradford’s history so spending the weekend enjoying the complex will only improve your historical knowledge. Likewise, it is also said that socialising in your local is great for creativity so if you’re a budding artist or seller of handmade goods, the tunnels are the place to be.

#2 You’ll be tons healthier!

Seriously, frequenting Sunbridgewells can actually make you healthier! According to Spanish scientists, enjoying a beer or two has been found to strengthen everything from your mind to your bones. It can also reduce your chances of developing type-2 diabetes and decrease the risk of having a stroke. It doesn’t quite have the same effect should you overdo it, however. If you’re also thinking about attending one of our next event nights, you’re in for a treat. Scientists at the University of Sheffield recently found that alcohol can help alleviate joint inflammation and swelling. Great news if you’re in need of a good old tunnels boogie.

#3 You’ll be so much happier!

There’s no doubt that a trip to Sunbridgewells can be a good old mood booster and Scottish researchers have additionally proven that a drink with friends can protect your mental health. It also just so happens to be International Friendship Day on Monday the 30th of July and who’s not happy when surrounded by pals, in the comfort of their local?

Championing friendships and social interaction, let’s celebrate in Bradford’s underground tunnels with a toast of great ale to the strengthening of bonds. So whether you need to cool off in the actual tunnels or get some vitamin D in our Rose and Crown beer garden, here’s to visiting Sunbridgewells this weekend for greater health and happiness.

Posted on July 26, 2018 .