5 gin mixers to take your classic G&T to the next level

When it comes to new drink concepts, the latest craze will always have a great influence over what we choose to order at the bar. At our Sunbridgewells Gin Bar, we live, breath and sleep the best quality gins and so we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to the current beverage trends.

As this incredible heatwave continues on, in Bradford’s underground tunnels, our expert mixologists are busy experimenting away with mouthwatering concoctions that will blow your mind. And because everybody knows that, ‘‘It’s a scorcher today!’’, is actually code for, ‘’should we have a gin and tonic?’’, here are 5 excellent gin mixers we absolutely recommend you try.

Prosecco Gin Fizz

If you’re a lover of prosecco and gin, then the good news is that with this drink, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! For a classic prosecco gin fizz, simply mix 20 ml of your favourite gin with a dash of elderflower cordial, fill with ice-cold Prosecco and garnish with a spring of mint! Whether in Sunbridgewells or your glorious back garden, a prosecco gin fizz is an excellent way to celebrate the sunshine.

Sweet Vermouth

One classic of the gin mixers is sweet vermouth and did you know that when added to gin it instantly becomes a retro sweet martini? It’s sassy, sophisticated and tastes so much better when enjoyed in our Sunbridgewells Gin Bar.

Angostura Bitters

Adding a splash of Angostura Bitters into your gin and tonic is one sure fire way to get the holiday vibes flowing. Also known as Pink Gin and something you can buy ready-made in a bottle, a homemade version would typically consist of 4 dashes of bitters and 2 shots of your gin of choice. Delicious in taste, the drink also goes a lovely rose gold colour too.

Sparkling Water Gin Mixers

OK, sounds crazy we know but with the huge rise of flavoured gins such as Rose, Blackberry, Rhubarb and Ginger, sparkling water gin mixers are probably the simplest way to enjoy the pure taste of your favourite flavour.
Uncomplicated and working best with sweeter liqueurs, sparkling water gin mixers will most certainly bring your drink to life.

Premium Tonics

Move out of the way Schweppes as there’s some new kids on the block. Made with only the highest quality flavours, Double Dutch and Fever-Tree tonics contain no artificial flavourings or colouring and are beautifully balanced in taste. Going exceedingly well with our huge selection of world gins, why not experiment with our different tonic gin mixers? At Sunbridgewells we have a choice of Elderflower, Mediterranean, Pomegranate and Basil, Skinny tonic or the popular Pink tonic which is made with tasty Angostura Bitters.

Ta-da, so there we have it! We hope you have enjoyed discovering how you can take your classic gin and tonic to the next level this summer. Our Gin Bar team have been very busy building on our huge selection of award-winning gins and our current offerings include the likes of Brokers, Citadelle, Bathtub Old Tom and Martin Miller’s. This month, Bradford’s underground tunnels also had a great feature spread in Yorkshire Living Magazine and Dawn Coughlan was the lucky winner of our Larios Rose Gin Competition. Well done again Dawn.

With good old plain tonic no longer cutting the mustard for some, we welcome you to visit Sunbridgewells for a world of pure imagination, excellent company and even better gin.

 Enjoy your favourite gin mixers in Bradford’s underground Victorian tunnels

Enjoy your favourite gin mixers in Bradford’s underground Victorian tunnels

Written and published by Hannah King

Posted on June 29, 2018 .