5 gins to enjoy at the Sunbridgewells, Gin Bar

Everywhere you look these days, there’s a posh gin and tonic on offer. Whether garnished with elderflowers, slices of ginger, pomegranate seeds or rare, sparkly fairy dust, this original highball cocktail is having its moment again. Some folks favour a good old Gordon’s, others, they like to experiment. With the popularity of gin continuing to rise, we look at 5 staff favourites you can enjoy at the exclusive Sunbridgewells Gin Bar.



We love keeping it local so this seaweed-based gin is perfect for Sunbridgewells. Originally from Bradford, the creator has handpicked all of the botanical ingredients and made unique use of Cornwall rock samphire (asparagus of the sea). Sublime in branding and in flavour, this really is a superb gin.


Citadelle is a French gin consisting of 19 different aromatics and botanicals. With its sharp citrus notes this is Summer in a bottle and since first opening our doors, has proved to be one of The Gin Bars biggest sellers.

Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength

Citrusy and spicy, Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength was voted the ‘World’s Best Gin’ by The Drinks Report in 2016. Handcrafted with a blend of earthy botanicals and the world’s purest water from Iceland, this gin has an exceptionally smooth finish. Orange and lime segments are a popular choice for garnishing this gin but sometimes we even like to serve with grapefruit and juniper berries.

Bathtub Old Tom

Bathtub Old Tom really is a fantastic gin. Making use of the traditional bathtub distillation process (now called cold compounding), the spirit consists of lime and sugar to make a slightly sweeter gin. Interestingly, Old Tom got its name from an old dispensing method used by London gin houses. Passers-by would drop a coin into a tom cat-shaped plaque in which the owner of the gin house would then dispense a shot of gin from under the cat’s paws.


We are extremely excited to announce that the first Japanese gin will be making its debut at the Sunbridgewells Gin Bar very soon! ‘Roku’ meaning ‘Six’ in Japanese refers to the six key botanicals used to create this extremely sought after gin. With ingredients including two different types of tea, Yuzu citrus fruit and sansho pepper, you do not want to miss out on this masterpiece.


What’s happening at The Gin Bar

We hope you are feeling a bit more in the know about the appealing choices available in the wonderful world of gin! We have some exciting things coming up at the Sunbridgewells, Gin Bar so we hope you will visit us soon. Our recent cocktail relaunch will see some mouthwatering concoctions on offer with our new range of negroni’s seeing variations of coffee and sloe gin. In addition we have some non-gin based mixes coming up such as the sweet vermouth Rob Roy and pudding fans will just love our new strawberry pavlova styled cocktail made using Larios rose gin. For an unforgettable gin tasting experience, please also join us on Sunday the 29th of April and Sunday the 20th of May at the Sunbridgewells Gin Bar. After all, good gin equals liquid sanity.


Written and published by Hannah King           

Posted on April 20, 2018 .