5 reasons why the 90s were the best!

At Sunbridgewells, we are huge music fans and there’s nothing more we love than celebrating the sounds of yesteryear. Our 90s takeover is also always a popular event, described by old-skool enthusiasts as ‘absolutely banging’. So when we think about this iconic era, we’ll eternally look back with great fondness. And maybe also with a slight cringe at the hair curtains we all once sported.

From the fashion that made a statement to the golden club scene of the 90s, here’s 5 reasons why this insane decade was without a doubt the best!

The 90s Tech

Way back when to a time before iPhones, Motorola and Nokia were the handsets of choice and mastering text speak was the ultimate of tech goals. A lot of cool stuff also happened in the 90s such as sheep cloning and space shuttle missions. Tamagotchis were additionally a genius solution if your mum was adamant you weren’t getting a dog.


In the era that brought us blockbusters such as Space Jam and Ghost, we also enjoyed great shows like Art Attack and Fun House. The Big Breakfast was once a must-see for only the coolest of morning people and Saturday nights just weren’t complete without Challenge Anneka. Seriously though, can we like go back to the 90s?

The 90s Hits

Artists of the 90’s were certainly a diverse bunch. When pre-teens were bopping away to the likes of Britney Spears and Hanson, Club 18-30 were living it up to the bass of Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. Your dad also probably loved Jamiroquai and you probably even nicked his copy of Space Cowboy. The 90’s music scene was definitely legendary and we can’t wait to pay homage to this at our next throwback event.


Shoulder pads and shell suits anyone? Need we say more…

The 90s Club Scene

During this golden era of clubbing, nothing said escapism like a typical 90s rave. In the early years it was warehouses and often sweaty basements but after 1995 and when dance music became of age, Ibiza was THE destination for musical hedonism.

If you’re looking to relive those Hacienda nights, why not get down to our ‘End of Summer’ 90s takeover, this Bank Holiday only. On Sunday the 26th of August we will be catering for all nineties nostalgia tastes. So if you like a mashup of 90s Pop, Indie, Dance and Old-school R&B, you can book your tickets here with admission priced at only £6. With 12 original DJ’s and a special price for travellers at Jurys Inn, join us this Bank Holiday weekend as we pay homage to the golden era of clubbing in Bradford’s atmospheric tunnels. Word.

Posted on August 22, 2018 .