5 Reasons Why Yorkshire is Blumin' Brilliant!

A very Happy Yorkshire Day to all you lovely folk reading! An annual date celebrated since 1975, the 1st of August keeps our Yorkshire traditions alive and is the day that we promote our historic English county.

Just for fun and in tribute to the annual Yorkshire Day, here’s 5 reasons why we think Yorkshire is blumin’ brilliant!

Yorkshire Pudding of course!

Heaven on a dinner plate, Yorkshire Puddings were first actually served back in the early 1700’s. It was often the only course available in the poorest of households and traditionally eaten with gravy to keep the pud moist. Fast forward to present day, however, and a Sunday roast would not be the same if it wasn’t for the humble Yorkshire pudding.

Landscapes & Heritage

If Yorkshire Day were to remind us of only one thing, it’d be the fact that our national heritage is absolutely great. With plenty of treasures to enjoy such as York Minster and Whitby Abbey, visiting tourists will never be short of an educational day out. And let’s not forget those glorious landscapes either. With 2.9 million acres to be precise, we’re also the largest county in the whole of the UK.

Yorkshire Talent

Some of the UK’s most talented individuals come from Yorkshire including revered authors, successful athletes, musicians and even footballers. David Seaman, goalkeeper for England was originally born in Rotherham. Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Ennis, also comes from Sheffield. The literary work by the Brontë sisters additionally began in Yorkshire as did Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ which takes its inspiration from Whitby.

The Best Yorkshire Phrases

There’s no denying that us Yorkshire folk have some of the best sayings going. From ‘eeh by gum’ to ‘ey up flossy’, we’re a certainly friendly bunch I tell thee.

Yorkshire Ale

And finally, we come to number 5 and our conclusive reason as to why Yorkshire is so great - proper Yorkshire beer! They say the world's best ale comes from Yorkshire and with so many variations at our Sunbridgewells complex, we’ve got to say that we 100% agree.

So if you’re partial to a pale ale or two and you also like great company, get thi sen over to Bradford’s underground tunnels this Wednesday and let’s hear it for Yorkshire Day!

 By eck it’s gorgeous our Yorkshire…

By eck it’s gorgeous our Yorkshire…

Posted on August 1, 2018 .