Could Bradford be the Shoreditch of Yorkshire?

Could Bradford be the Shoreditch of Yorkshire – or is it the next Detroit? These were the two questions recently posed by The Guardian and met with a bit of trepidation, the article was described as being ‘’a little off target’’. It’s safe to say that the read has divided opinions but we’d like to know what you guys think?

The city council’s chief executive, Kersten England, is a woman on a mission and she’s determined ‘’to make Bradford the Shoreditch of Yorkshire”. And all for the greater good, you may be right in pointing out. For a start, there is the upcoming £8.5million redevelopment of the former wool testing centre. A true advocate of the city, this ambitious project is being headed up by Nathan Priestley, chief executive of Leeds-based Priestley Group and is set to provide Bradford with over 100 apartments, an onsite cafe and brilliant gym facilities.

And let’s not forget about Bradford’s crowning glory - our fantastic underground quarter and the city’s historic tunnels! A subterranean treasure trove of history, craft beer and even better gin, at Sunbridgewells you can also enjoy live music events and exceptional artisanal food. Our tunnels are also full to the brim with industrial antiques and having been first opened to the public by Princess Anne, they seem to have put Bradford firmly on the map.

So how does this compare with Shoreditch you ask? Well, bustling with oh-so-trendy coffee bars, Shoreditch is described as being the soul of London and the place to be for the young, cool and creative. It’s also noted as a very historic area, something we proud folk of Bradford are all too familiar with. So, The Guardian, comparing us to Shoreditch, fine. But comparing us to Detroit? We think not.

Our Shoreditch of Yorkshire Summary

So, what are your thoughts on this whole debate? Would you agree that our vibrant Bradford could indeed be the Shoreditch of Yorkshire? We would love to hear your point of view, so why not leave us a comment in the section below?!

There are many reasons why Bradford could be the Shoreditch of Yorkshire but reporters at The Telegraph & Argus are yet to be convinced. Us? Well, nothing in life is that black and white and so for us on this one, we’re pretty much sat on the fence.

We do know, however, that one thing’s for sure. The future’s bright and the future’s Bradford.

Posted on July 20, 2018 .