Gin trends to enjoy in Bradford’s Victorian Quarter

Voted last year as the most popular spirit in the UK, we Brits cannot get enough of the traditional Mother’s Ruin. That’s gin by the way if you’re a newbie to the craze. While some of us prefer a more classic recipe, others are striving for bigger and bold flavours. If you’re looking for new ways to appreciate this vibrant and artisanal spirit, here are some gin trends to enjoy in Bradford’s Victorian Quarter.

Oversized Copa glasses

Super trendy and much like a goldfish bowl, you can’t have missed the oversized glasses that are used in our Gin Bar. Taking inspiration from the Spanish with beautiful glassware at the forefront of this trend, a gin and tonic just wouldn’t be the same if not served in an elegant Copa glass.

Refreshing garnishes

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, when life gives you unusual and offbeat garnishes, stick em in your G&T of course! From fresh grapefruit, ginger and mint to unexpected ingredients like Lavender, the quirkier the better when it comes modern gin and tonic garnishes.

Posh tonic

If Schweppes no longer makes the grade thankfully there are some tastier alternatives available. Premium brands such as Fever-Tree have been increasingly popular of late. Double Dutch also offers some incredible flavours, boasting the likes of Cucumber & Watermelon and Pomegranate & Basil.

Extra special gin combos

Take your classic G&T to dizzying new heights with special tonics, liquors and experimental bitters. Our Williams Sloe Mulberry gin and lemon tonic is a really popular choice as is our rhubarb alternative with delicious Fever-Tree ginger ale. If fruitier mixers are more up your street, our well-known strawberry gin is additionally a huge favourite, especially when fused with grown-up lemonade.

It’s certainly an exciting year for the gin and tonic and also for Sunbridgewells. Last weekend saw the grand opening of our latest tunnels bar, so be sure to follow Bar 39 on Facebook to keep up with their latest happenings. With intriguing talk about Salted Caramel and even Prosecco flavoured gins, non-alcoholic versions are also said to be making their way to market. For now, however, we’ll make a toast, with the clink of our Copa glass, to the mouthwatering concoctions already available in Bradford’s underground Victorian Quarter. Cheers!

  What’s your poison in Bradford’s Victorian Quarter?

What’s your poison in Bradford’s Victorian Quarter?

Posted on August 30, 2018 .