Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS!

The History of the NHS

This Thursday the 5th of July marks the 70th anniversary of the world’s leading healthcare system - our good old NHS!

The National Health Service was first launched on the 5th of July 1948 and for the very first time brought together a number of healthcare professionals who provided their services for free and under the one umbrella. If it wasn’t for the NHS we wouldn’t have eradicated nasty diseases like Polio and Diphtheria and neither would we have pioneering treatments such as life-saving heart, lung and liver transplants. Over the last 7 decades, the National Health Service has also worked to deliver huge medical breakthroughs and surgical advances which means that good people like all of us, are now living for much longer.

As the nation gears up to celebrate 70 years of our National Health Service, one man, in particular, is holding the momentous occasion very close to his heart. 93-year-old Wiltshire resident, Norman Sharp, was just 23 when he had the countries first hip replacement on the NHS and almost 70 years later, his record-breaking substitute is still going strong.

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

In tribute to our every day and often unsung heroes, Sunbridgewells would like to offer NHS staff past and present, a 15% discount throughout Bradford’s underground tunnels. The 4 bars this offer exclusively applies to are The Gin Bar, Wallers Brewery, Sunbridge Sports Bar and The Rose and Crown. Whether you’re partial to a sophisticated gin and tonic or favour a more down to earth pale ale, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate individual achievements and the vital roles played within our National Health Service.

If you’d like to find out more about the 70th anniversary of the NHS and its milestones, you can find an overview here. This short video also showcases some of the highlights from the National Health Service over the past 70 years. Once again, here’s to the medical and non-medical heroes of our National Health Service and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 5th of July as we drink to good health in Bradford’s underground Victorian tunnels.

Posted on July 4, 2018 .