St Patrick’s Day Party at Sunbridgewells, Bradford!

St Patrick’s Day Party at Sunbridgewells

We’re having the best St Patrick’s Day Party at Sunbridgewells, Bradford! But before you dig out your oversized green glasses and shamrock hat, here’s a bit of historical background on why we celebrate this well-loved date.

Originally to hail the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the heritage of the Irish in general, St Patrick’s Day is now enjoyed and commemorated each year by Guinness swilling merrymakers worldwide. Traditionally, celebrations usually involved some kind of public parade and so Christian lenten conditions on eating and drinking were lifted, hence the custom for copious amounts of stout and beer on this special occasion.


With plenty of decorations, hats and Jameson chaser shots to be had throughout the complex, here’s what else you can expect on Saturday the 17th of March at Bradford’s underground tunnels.

St Patrick’s Day Party Offers

Our St Patrick’s Day Party is free entry and includes lots of great offers throughout the whole of Sunbridgewells. At Wallers Brewery you can enjoy £2.50 Guinness all day, a can of Hop House lager for just £2 and a £5 Guinness and Jameson chaser combo because let’s face it - St Patrick's Day wouldn’t be complete without getting the party started!

The Galores band are also back for a second gig after bringing down the house with their first appearance at our Feb Fest event. You can enjoy the sounds of this popular band between 3 and 5 pm at Wallers Brewery.

The Sunbridgesports Bar also brings a great mix of offers, including £2 Jameson’s and Hop House lager all day with the Six Nations Ireland v England game playing at 2.45. Don’t forget, there is also live sport all day and every day at the Sunbridgesports Bar.


The finest St Patrick’s Day Party in Bradford!

They say the best kind of company is like a four leaf clover. Hard to find and lucky to have. Well, it’s right here in Bradford’s underground tunnel complex along with the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold too. So shake your shamrocks and let the shenanigans begin as we welcome you to join us for our St Patrick’s Day Party, Saturday the 17th March, Sunbridgewells, Bradford!

Written and published by Hannah King

Posted on March 7, 2018 .