Sunbridgewells Grand Opening by HRH Princess Anne

HRH Princess Anne visits Sunbridgewells

When Sunbridgewells first opened for business back in December 2016, it had been over 10 years in the making, £1.9million in private funding and in the first 6 months, over 200,000 eager patrons descended on Bradford’s underground tunnels. When it came to the official Grand Opening we knew it had to do our development justice and we knew it had to be special. On Wednesday the 28th of June 2017, the nation's favourite royal officially opened Sunbridgewells for business. Being the UK’s first and only underground entertainment venue, it deserved and it got the royal seal of approval.

 Graham Hall giving Princess Anne the royal tour

Graham Hall giving Princess Anne the royal tour

Best known for her love of horses and no-nonsense approach, Princess Anne was said to have turned the air blue during the 2015 Rugby World Cup quarter-final in which a wrong refereeing decision ripped Scotland’s victory from their grasp. Princess Anne’s thriftiness was also acknowledged in the news this week when she wore an almost 40-year-old-outfit to church with the Queen on Monday. There’s nothing wrong with upcycling and making use of the old, however. Sunbridgewells is teaming with historical artefacts that we have unearthed here.

As it turns out, Princess Anne is a very commendable woman. Whilst visiting Bradford to officially open our subterranean hub, she also had another engagement that day, opening the new £28m hospital wing at Bradford Royal Infirmary. During her rewarding trip to Sunbridgewells, Princess Anne spent an hour touring the many bars, shops and restaurants of the complex and commented how impressed she was with the tunnels as a whole. Before her departure, she also unveiled a much coveted official royal plaque that now takes pride of place in Wallers Brewery, right next to our superb chemistry set.

 Princess Anne and Graham Hall admiring the royal plaque

Princess Anne and Graham Hall admiring the royal plaque

Princess Anne’s favourite complex in Yorkshire

After Princess Anne’s memorable royal appointment at Sunbridgewells, the complex re-opened to the public to allow the community of Bradford the chance to follow in the princess' footsteps. It was a great evening and everybody was in high spirits with tunnels developer Graham Hall saying at the time, “As you can imagine, this is a truly historic day for Sunbridgewells and Bradford.’’

In a world of pure imagination, visit Sunbridgewells and delight in over 7 bars and restaurants throughout our Victorian underground tunnels. With Gin, Stella and Scotch being firm royal favourites, Sunbridgewells is most certainly a place fit for a Princess, King or Queen. We’d again like to thank the wonderful Princess Anne for putting Sunbridgewells on the map. She was enormously proud of what we have accomplished here and we know you will love it too. For us, there is no better reward.

Written and published by Hannah King

Posted on March 14, 2018 .