What your Sunbridgewells drink choice says about you

They say you can tell a lot from a person by the actions they take and the choices they make. We all like to let our hair down now and again and at Sunbridgewells, we can tell a lot from a customer just from the type of drink they choose to order. You will most likely try many different drinks over the course of your life but familiarity in a glass, there will always be one you go back to. From a thirst quenching cider to a posh gin and tonic, here’s what your refreshment preference says about you.


If you’re a cider drinker, the chances are, you’re probably a really fun person. People who drink cider like to keep things fresh and simple because in our crazy modern world some decisions need to be kept easy. Much like, ‘’I’ll have a Strongbow Dark Fruits please.’’ Just like the drinker themselves, cider is also uncomplicated, seriously chilled and let’s be honest now, it’s pretty damn tasty. You can find a great selection of refreshing ciders throughout Bradford’s underground tunnels including Mortimers Berry, Stella Cidre and Rekorderlig.

A Sunbridgewells Real Ale

There's nothing cool about real ale right? Wrong. Figures show that as a nation, we’re drinking more and more of the stuff and our favourite hoppy beer is certainly having its moment once again. If you’re a cask ale fan, you probably appreciate a good beard. We know we do. You’re also likely to be creative, with a craving for flavour and complexity in your chosen beer. Real ale drinkers are also happy-go-lucky and love consistency and stability, very much like our Maiden Voyage or Saltaire Blonde.


Whether you prefer the gooseberry notes of a New Zealand Sauvignon or the velvety delights of a dark and inky Malbec, indulging in a glass of wine or two actually means you are delightfully normal. Hard day at work? Show me the Pinot. Lunch with the gang? Crack open that Zinfandel Blush. Wine is also often associated with sophistication and good taste and so we have plenty of Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonnay available throughout Wallers Brewery and the Rose and Crown. Cheers to that.


Coffee goes hand in hand with retail therapy and there’s nothing like a warming pre-shopping coffee before you hit The Broadway. Black coffee drinkers are often said to be quiet and reflective whilst many cappuccino enthusiasts are self-confessed perfectionists. Whether yours is a flat white, frappuccino or skinny latte, Wallers Brewery at Sunbridgewells, do a mean selection of caffeine-fuelled beverages and you’ll even get chocolate sprinkles.

G&T from the Sunbridgewells Gin Bar

If your favourite tipple is the classic gin and tonic, new research has shown that, not only are you cool as a cucumber, you’re also actually bang on trend. With 29% of UK drinkers voting gin as their favourite spirit, between us we also purchased an impressive 47 million bottles in the last year. Gin and tonic drinkers are said to be smart, assertive and cool under pressure. They are also natural born leaders who enjoy an interesting career. At Sunbridgewells, we have a vast array of exotic gins on offer with plenty of experimenting to be had in our atmospheric Gin Bar. From the award-winning Martin Miller's to the botanicals of Citadelle, Sunbridgewells provides the perfect ambience for creating the ultimate gin and tonic concoction.

With Bradford’s social scene growing faster than the capital’s, the next time you pay us a visit at Sunbridgewells, we’d love to find out what your favourite drink choice says about you. So, that just leaves us with one crucial question to ask. What’s your poison?


Written and published by Hannah King

Posted on June 1, 2018 .